The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I worked on Master Key System part 2. The exercise was to meditate for 20 minutes and not physically move and also not mentally move – or not allow any thoughts to happen. It’s amazing how difficult thinking about
nothing is! But I did really well, sitting traditional style. I would
constantly catch myself thinking and pull myself out of it. The goal was even just
for a few seconds at a time. By bringing this awareness into it, I actually
remembered most of what I was thinking, even though I was in a meditative
state. Finally, I think I’m starting to do this right! J On the other hand, oh my
gosh, what strange and unlikely situations my thoughts created, some good, some
bad, some just observations. I feel pretty clear headed now after the fact. I
listened to Holosync Immersion during this session.

I’m so sore from working out for 10 days straight I’m taking the day off, but I am going to get a weight loss body wrap today, last time that lost me a couple pounds. I’m hoping for that again today. My business has
been slow the last couple days. But again I’m only at Day 13 of this season, I
need to remember to take this as a gradual approach to losing weight and making
money. I woke up being very grateful for everything I have in life right now,
as it is today. Peace, love, and blessings to all!

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