The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 - Day 13 - My higher self has an iPad

So this is kinda weird to say...but apparently my higher self has an iPad...

I was on my way today to meet my dad for dinner. My dad is a pretty guarded person. A bit judgmental of how I lead my life and not very "emotionally available" if you wanna put it that way.. So anyway. On my way to the restaurant I was talking to my higher self and asked if she could allow my dad to be real with me and happy for once. 

So I asked and of course she said yes because she says yes to everything. And she added it to her schedule on her iPad along with my other requests. 

And the dinner was great! Any judgments that WERE thrown my way just didn't affect me for some reason (actually it's because I had trust in the moment lol) 

So try that next time. While you are on your way to work, or shopping or whatever. Ask your higher self for something and they WILL schedule it in! There's always room. (Sometimes I imagine her saying..."hmmm oh yes! There's room for that" as if she's a secretary. Ha! But that's the thing! It's HER job to be the one to PLAN things out. It's YOUR job to be the RECEIVER and EXPERIENCE what she has planned out.

Everyday I ask for surprises and am never disappointed! I always end up running into someone I know or receive some sort of gift or anything really!

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Comment by koji hongo on June 23, 2012 at 1:39am

It is wonderful story. and I love it.

Everything will be like this way. always.

Let everything go and let everything with universe without our own thoughts.

You are in good vibration with the universe.

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