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There is alooot to tell that happened in the few passed days, first I realized that I'm a great manifestor I wanted extra cash and I got it, I have been thinking about starting to work out and specificly running and I got a formal invitation to a 10 K marathon (which I will walk because I didn't get to practice for that yet) and it was paid for, my friends joined the gym and asked me to go with them for a day just to check it out because I never ever worked out in my life and they thought if we go all together we will motivate each other, they have been going to the gym every day for couple months and lost about 20lbs and the other friend lost 10 lbs, I have NEVER in my life worked out! lol I know its sad and bad but I don't think I'm genetically blessed with that stamina hehehe so I decided to change that, any way I did sign up for monthly membership, its just my four day so lets see if I can challenge my self and keep it up hehehe I was losing weight prior to joining the gym and the strangest thing is happening! I'm actually gaining weight!! well its just couple lbs but it very annoying, the first two days were horrible I was fatigue and did NOTHING all day long after the gym ( I got early in the morning) but I realized today that it might be dehydration, I thought I was drinking enough water, I'm the kind of person who drinks comfortably 10 glasses of water daily but I guess I sweat alot that I need more than of that to keep me from having headaches and feeling fatigue.


The extra chase got spent yesterday on a car problem that happened! so I'm not sure how to feel about this, I did alot of shopping too so I'm running low on cash AGAIN! my saving was getting to where I thought is a good place now I will have to take from it, I do have this feeling of lack that I can't understand why! but I'm glad that I bought whatever I did and I'm glad about joining the gym ( I will see results in a month hopefully so it will be worth it) I'm glad that my brakes gone bad when I did have the chase for it, while they were fixing the car they told me about another two problems that need to be fixed and one will cost me $300 and the other about $150 thats alot of chase for me, I guess I wasn't feeling worthy enough about the extra chase and this is what happens I'm not sure.


Study wise nothing much has been happening in that department I have been soo out of everything lately. I have the worse annoying headache for the past 3 days only today I started feeling better Thank you water for hydrating me :D


ok thats it for tonight, I know tomorrow is a great day, great begning, great abundance is on its way to all of us, lots of love and light to everyone :D

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Comment by Steffie Kay on May 5, 2011 at 1:34am

i guess its all part of the journey?? i dunno :)






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