The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well today was just wonderful. I’m so on top of things at work it gave me a lot of free time to get caught up in my personal world. So I ran around and got quite a few errands completed. I just finished a 15 minute meditation session. I have no idea where I go when I drop into meditation, for me it’s like dreamless sleep, only I know that there are thoughts, I just am unable to access them. Still I’m very new at meditation so I’ll just keep on with this and see where it goes. Didn’t workout today, and so far I haven’t worked on my business. I also went out to eat, which I got a healthy meal, but I don’t really feel like I made progress on 2 of my goals for this season. Still I have tonight and I’m planning on working on my business. I did make quite a bit of progress on getting my life more organized and less hectic today though, so I’m very pleased with the day and thankful for it. J

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