The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2, Day 2 -- Fleshing out some of my goals

I am calling this season 2 as it is the second time I am having a go at the 100 day challenge. I did not work the first season as effectively as I had planned, but in some ways, the season worked me. That means that even though I did not put nearly the focus into my goals, they proceeded along anyway.

So, for this season, I have modified my goals and am moving ahead on them. I intend to greatly increase my focus and I anticipate that I will see much greater leaps ahead.

While all the stated goals are important to me, the highest priority for me right now is improving my environment. I have been living in chaos for far too long -- the product of a great deal of grief in a short amount of time. I am learning though that all is as it should be and I merely need to trust that in a bigger picture, a re-frame, I would see that what I perceive at times as negative is really that space to appreciate the highlights -- that area that adds dimension to life and keeps it from being flat.

In my time of grief, I allowed paper and clutter to pile up. My home fell into disrepair. I have drawn to me some fine people who have been pushing me in different areas and forcing me to clean, clear and renew. I have made progress already, but want to make a checklist of the things that I want yet to accomplish:

  1. Paint the bathroom and dressing area and apply a faux finish.
  2. Put new tile on the floors in the bathroom
  3. Paint the baseboards and doors
  4. Find new panels for the lights in the dressing area
  5. Put in a new washer and dryer
  6. Fix the wall tile and caulk the tub
  7. Put up new shower curtains
  8. Hang pretty art on the walls in the bathroom
  9. Paint and tile the powder room
  10. Get the new vanity and lights installed in the powder room
  11. Re-floor the stairs
  12. Tile the downstairs
  13. Paint the baseboards downstairs and on the stairs
  14. Paint the bedroom
  15. Put new flooring upstairs
  16. Go through closets, cabinets, drawers and make sure everything is something I want to keep. (This may be a bit much to actually accomplish within the next 98.5 days.)
My next in priority is to develop those good habits.
  1. I am starting with doing 'morning pages' a la Julie Cameron. I have done them yesterday and today. I would like to be able at the end of the challenge to say I did them every one of the 100 days.
  2. I want to eat good meals -- and start each day with a carrot and chia and citrus. I did that yesterday, but have not yet had breakfast for today and it is nearly lunch time.
So... I am going to leave this at this point and break my fast.

I hope my writing is a blessing to all who read.

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Comment by Imp on July 12, 2010 at 1:47pm
Excellent goals... you want to get a lot accomplished in a short time, but I'm certain you can do it!

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