The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 Day 21...An Example of Vibrational Alignment in Action

This blog is mostly rambling.....mostly's all good.

I've been meditating at least twice per day and I think it's really helping. I haven't been overly stressed or over thinking things and I actually feel quite calm.

A few days ago, I had a sudden flash of creativity. I've been reworking a book I wrote a couple years ago and wanted to revamp it, but I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in. Then, suddenly, it was there. The creativity, the inspiration hit me quickly. It was very exciting!

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching the news and they were talking about the Harry Potter movie as well as the Twilight saga and how big they have become....then they said something along the lines of "I wonder what will be the next big thing."

And my husband turned to me and said, "You could be the next big thing, honey." And thought, Hell, yeah! I could be the next big thing. So, this is my be the next big thing since Harry Potter and Twilight. Wow! My thoughts when I type this are: "This is so exciting" and "Who do you think you are?"

Here's an example of vibrational alignment in action. I used to work with this woman who was very sure about where she was going, when she was doing it, what type of money she was going to make,....etc....etc. She was and still is very self-assured....her energy is very strong; you can feel it. This woman's intention was to get whatever she wanted. Even though she may not have been aware of alignment or the law of attraction back then, she was and still is very much a master manifestor.

For instance, a few years back she was going on vacation to California and had tickets to the Price is Right. Well, she wasn't going to settle for just watching the show, she was going there to meet Bob Barker. Well, wouldn't you know it. She was asked to "Come on Down", she managed to get the price right and she managed to meet Bob Barker....oh yeah, and she won a car.

She also had a pretty sweet job....she got to work on and off in the Bahamas and get paid tons of cash in the process. After several years of doing this, she decided she wanted to stick close to home and go to work as a manager at a bank (which is what she had done several years ago)....and she is now a manager at a bank. No money worries, she has a beautiful home, beautiful cars, everything is already paid for....and she met Bob Barker.

I don't know what she's been doing lately....but I'm sure she is getting what she wants.

The moral of this story:
This person isn't any different than any one of us. She decided to choose what she wanted and go after it without questioning her worth. She expected it without a doubt.

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Comment by Seisrush Ob on August 1, 2009 at 4:39am
Keep writing. I know that once I get in the flow it just keeps coming.

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