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I am having a little bit of a hard time getting this impending move coordinated. It gets complicated because I'm moving myself and my workspace and my three Etsy shops. I am TryTryTrying to not panic and put my shops on vacation because that will drop both my Etsy and Google search ranks to exactly zero which is not a place where any self respecting e-tailer would want to be on the edge of Sparkle Season.

And speaking of Sparkle Season, because I will have leases expiring in November ad infinitum, this situation is truly going to be the gift of crap that keeps on giving. My landlord who hurts himself patting himself on the back and telling himself how great he is, has made me a severance offer.

For almost nine years, with not one day off, I have done light housekeeping in this house in exchange for rent. He seriously needs to be much more generous than he thinks he is being. Pretty much, he is spending the least amount of money possible to insert himself into my move and position himself to know where I live and where I work and also to control my possessions. Not acceptable. I am going to hire an attorney to negotiate a much more reasonable deal and make sure I make a clean break from this situation.

The whole situation is much more complicated than I want to explain here. I just want to tell the story once and let the attorney deal with it and only contact me if there's something only I have to do. Honest-to-God, I absolutely refuse to lose any more ground with my business than I already have or to be any more distracted because of someone else's inability to do business like an honest person.

I have a friend who is in a position to help me move and feel a little bit secure for awhile. That's really going to surprise the landlord who thinks I am 100% dependent on him. I'm not going to say much of anything and drop my keys in the mailbox as soon as the moving van is loaded and call the lawyer and say, "go get him." Enough is enough and I have gone past my limit quite some time ago.

*****Rant Over*****

OK. I felt like I should mention the moving thing again since I brought it up in my last blog post. And. It's going to affect my activities for almost a month. I'm sure I can stay a little bit on track with my plans. I'll admit it; I've been quite discombobulated for awhile since all of this moving mess started. 

I've been doing a lot of brainstorming for the various parts of my life to explore where the priorities are now and try to craft a plan and make a map for the next month. I forgot to order printer ink and it caused some problems this week, but if that's the worst thing that happens, I don't feel too bad about it. 

I've been working on my winter food hoard. I do plan to find a place to live that is not located in the heart of a food desert, so my plan is adjusting with the circumstances. Instead of storing basics for survival, I'm storing luxuries of special treats preserved in jars and also convenience foods like dehydrated veggies to make a decent pot of soup with minimal work. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to start setting up a staging area for both moving and donation. I have a pretty good idea of what to keep and what to give away. I feel like things are proceeding slowly, but I'm sure it's fine. I'm really getting excited about this change. This is a good thing. I am sure of it.

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