The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am so jazzed on life right now! I feel like my career is moving so fast. Actually everything is! I'm achieving my health goals. I'm getting toned and strong just like I wanted. Things are just happening fast because I'm not "chasing" them anymore. I'm just saying "ok, you can come in now if you want, or whenever really" I'm ready and I'm here to recieve.

Walk around everyday remembering that! 

The rules are:

1. You are protected in every moments of the day. KNOW that your higher self has a game plan and will lead you. You don't even need to think. Just be open to inspiration. 

2. All those things you say you WON"T get them. Meaning you will get something similar to it or even better. So don't get discouraged when it doesn't show up or it's not the right thing. Because your higher self always knows what you TRULY want. Your physical mind knows diddly.

3.Just be in the moment! Be present! And to do that. You need to trust that everything is gonna turn out. You are safe. You are SAFE!!

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