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It was bad two weeks for me, I was very sad, down and not motivated to do anything in my life, my Birthday is taking place in a little over two months and I feel like nothing is changing, of course thats not true there are alot of good changes but its all small stuff nothing major, not the stuff that I want it, its no one's fault its totally mine, I'm not working hard on anything I'm just escaping all the reality and do things that are not even close to be priority in my life.

Of course Law of attraction matched that vibration that I was giving out and I had to move out of my place until the floors got down (its been two weeks) then yesterday  a fire started there (no one got hurt) but it was scary to say the least, I'm running low on cash, there was a legal paper that I wanted to manifest it sooo freaking bad and I didn't get selected for it (it broke my heart), my scholarship is after me to get them some papers that I'm not sure if I provide they will be sponsoring me any longer! the only great thing that happened in this past 10 days was be going to the gym, I lost 5 lbs of fat my weight on the scale is a little higher than my starting weight (just one pound higher) but my fat percentage is 2 points lower and I'm 5 pounds of fat lighter, appareantly I had no muscles so by building muscles my weight on the scale will not change for about 6 weeks (since muscles are heavier than fat) but I will be able to tell that I'm losing fat from my clothess and measurments.


About my online dating, I got to chit chat with this guy lets call him J, I was down that night (when I find out that my legal paper didn't get selected) so I had trouble sleeping, he was on live chat we chit chat then he asked if we can switch to a phone talk instead of typing and we did! it was soo much fun we kept talking until 4:30am for HOURS felt more like I'm talking to a funny friend that I knew for sometime, he asked me out I told him that this week wasn't good for me maybe the week after and we hanged up, didn't hear from him again after that! he didn't check my profile, didn't text me nothing, usually after a good conversation like this guys try to reach out and check on me after few days or so in his case nothing so I thought eeh he must be busy he does have a busy job,saw him online couple days a go, went a head said "Hi" and I'm assuming he didn't recognized me, when he went and checked my profile thats when the conversation started to die! I'm not hurt or anything I'm just finding this to be weird, plus having 10 days like I did doesn't help adding this to it LOL


I really really want to take this exam by the end of May or maybe begning of June so I can get my self ready for the next one and get it over with, I want this birthday to come with me in a good weight, at least seeing someone who is good in my standards and get into a research job that pays, be in a place that I like and I can call it my own.


When I get back from my weekend classes I want to sit down and re-do my manifestation list for this 2nd season AND my love list maybe do my vision board and see what I want to accomplish, if I can really change my life to the life I want it to be then this is the year that I will do this in and I'm doing it today.


I love this site but I tend not to check it on a daily basis but when I do boy does it lift my spirit, much of love and light to all of you thank you for being you.

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