The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am able to control my life now! And it's awesome. Nothing has really gone wrong lately...Or maybe it has and I just haven't noticed it as being bad because I am in this new mind set that whatever happens is for the best and everything is well in the end. 

I think the best way to achieve this is through the interaction with other humans. To get in this state. When you are in touch with the universe and you are trusting it. Everyone you come into contact with receives that energy from you and you will be able to see it in them! It's very rare nowadays that anyone gets mad at me. And if they do, I just see it as being funny and am able to shrug it off without letting my ego feast on it. 

It is amazing how much your mood can change your whole day. All you need to do is remember your little higher self up there in the sky. And remember that he/she already has a plan for you and it is a great one. You are protected always by your higher self and your higher self knows what you want. You don't have to sit and wish for it all day. Don't think about it. Just KNOW your higher self already KNOWS. That is key!

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