The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Working on manifesting a bunch of stuff right now, mainly focused around finances. I am very grateful that my partner and I are doing well, and I had a slight epiphany today: Maybe I shouldn't worry about getting a better job until summer, when I'll be taking fewer classes. I have never been so busy with school in my whole life, now that I'm a university senior; I have to read 260 pages a week, write two critical responses a week, "journal" for 15 minutes for a workshop in writing class, write three original short stories throughout the semester, critique classmates' stories every week, and I also have weekly quizzes and two projects in each class. Whew!

I think I am being told to revel in the current moment, feeling blessed with all I have, not worrying about the future. If I have enough money working as little as I do now, what's the point in working more, in particular when it would take me away from writing and submitting my work for publication. 

I'll still work on manifesting unexpected money--who doesn't need that?! But, maybe focusing on things like getting more work published, snagging a summer internship, and the ability for my partner to make more money would be better uses of my time. 

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