The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 - Day 37 - Step into your wish

OK...has anyone ever had a moment where they actually can't figure out if this is real life...

I was just talking on the phone with a broadway choreographer! Is this real life! I have a connection to that world! :) Which I will soon be apart of...

There is a part of me that enjoys the time spent wishing and waiting for things. But when you start manifesting stuff...You just don't have time to wish for things anymore. And it's kind of hard to let that life go because that is how I've always lived my life. It's very weird to be stepping into my wishes. It just can't be real life! It's just crazy to me.

Anyway. I encourage you guys to believe that you deserve to step into your wishes. Because once it happens, the wishing is over and you ARE the wish.

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