The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 - Day 4 - Breathe in and out. Don't stop.

Today was such a great day! I worked all day but it was still a fantastic day. And it's because I really stayed "in the moment" for a lot of the day. I was so calm at work even with all the "stimulae" around me. It was interesting because I was in a very "blank" state all day, meaning I was ready for anything and was also happy with what was happening in the moment. So when I became fearful or nervous about something I was REALLY able to feel it because it was such a contrast to the super calm state I was in. 

And its crazy because literally almost EVERY SINGLE customer was friendly today. EVERY SINGLE customer made conversation (usually I am the one who has to make conversation). It was actually astounding. I was like "surely" there will be ONE person who's not in a good mood. And EVERY ONE was happy towards me. SOmeone even told me they loved me! Actually two different customers did. Like WTF! And this is NOT a coincidence. It's because my internal feelings and thoughts were so peaceful, that people probably felt ok to talk to me. And even COMPELLED to talk to me because they felt that energy and knew that I was in a state of "acceptance". 

It's so awesome to see LIVING proof of the work you've done.

One thing that helped me keep this state today is breathing in and out at an equal speed. Sometimes I will breathe in quickly and then breathe out slow. That doesn't work as well for keeping a consistent calm and peaceful state. Breathe in and out. Keep going and don't stop. And keep it very even. Same amount goes in as goes out. You will eventually "force" your mind to SHUT UP. Because you will be focusing on keeping your breathing even. Try it!

Grateful for:

1. Delicious lunch

2. Everyone being so friendly to me!

3. Meeting new people

4. Lots of money in the bank

5. manifesting at ease :)

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