The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2, Day 4 -- Challenges and Metaphors

Yesterday was a challenging day, where I felt tired and depressed and distressed. There was little progress evidenced on my home renovation project as the majority of the time was spent in prepping the bathroom floor and going to the store for plywood, nails, valves... lots of things that add up but will never be seen. Perhaps that is a metaphor though, as a good foundation is built on qualities that are not so apparent, and it is best not to skimp on the investment of those hidden, but important building blocks.

I decided that part of the distress is caused by the bad feng shui of the 'mess' while my home is in transition. My once clear line of sight to the dressing area mirror is now marred by the door that will hide my new washer and dryer and by the toilet which is temporarily displaced so as to lay the flooring and paint the walls. I worked on other areas of my home to reduce clutter, put away what can be and create places for those things I treasure and want to display. I am also finding it difficult to let go of so much of the old familiar to prepare for the new. And that too is a metaphor for the internal journey.

I patted myself on the back a bit last evening when I went to a familiar and favorite restaurant and made a change from my regular menu selection. I need and want routines in my life, but in eating out, I think a bit of change is a good thing!

Already I can see that engaging in this reality challenge moves things ahead for me at a faster and more consistent pace. Though I am struggling to get back my energy, I am encouraged and excited by the progress. With the changes in my home, I am anticipating changes in my life and relationships as well.


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