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Seriously I have no idea whats wrong with me! I'm just SOOOO DOWN! I need to go back to listen to Hicks audios to lift my spirit this is not happening! I'm doing nothing and everything is going wrong, I have no idea why I'm just down I have been there for few weeks already and I'm very strong at manifesting bad things these days I just have to think about it and BOOM its happening its horrible hehehe


In a way I wished yesterday was the end of life on planet earth I would've been happy with that lol


I'm not sure if its the weather thats doing that to me but alot of weird things are happening around me ooh well


so I was listening to Hicks audio and Abraham was saying that you need to get your self to the vortex to wake up there so this will be my mission for tonight to get into the vortex and wake up in it, then start my happy great self tomorrow.


on a better note the only great thing thats been going on (beside the fact that I'm healthy and everyone I love is healthy and living their lives) is that I have been going to the GYM lol ooh and I have a crush on someone there LOL but of course no respond from my crush LOOOL ooh well tomorrow i'm starting again with this site I love this site I feel like life goes beautifully smooth when I'm on track here.


have a wonderful evening

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Comment by itsallaboutnow on May 23, 2011 at 11:08pm

Heather your right I should stop my self from repeating my not soo great thoughts and start to live in my vortex thank you for reminding me to do that :)


Sunny Side Up thank you sweety and YES from now on I will speak only about how I want it to be :D


Steffie I'm going right now to read your post :D and yes it will pass :D thank you for your support :D

Comment by Steffie Kay on May 22, 2011 at 11:26pm
read my post from day 19 i bet it will make you feel better lol :( sorry chica we all feel down everyonce in a while..i usually ride those phases out when they come
Comment by Sunny Side Up on May 22, 2011 at 10:56pm

Keep focusing on the great things, the fun things, don't take anything for granted. That is sure to raise your vibration.

The divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you!

Comment by Heather Marie on May 22, 2011 at 9:38pm

I would love you to share your desires, these ones that make you happy! Love and positive vibes to you!



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