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I have been finding it really difficult to get on this site and blog! I feel that at my second season I should've accomplish more than what I did already (which is not much to start with) but I know in my heart that I feel better and I guess thats what matter the most!


There is alot to tell you guys, but I will start with the gym experience, I'm an overweight person that NEVER ever worked out before, walking an hour SLOWLY was my workout and that was whenever possible, so for me to join the gym and actually go daily (except weekends) is a great accomplishment hehehe its been a month and a week or so, I'm 5'7 I weighted 170 lbs when I joined the gym, I have pear body which means I store my fat in my lower body including my calves thats why I don't look as big as I am because I know how to dress my self to cover my problem areas, so with all that been said I have to tell you that I just lost about 2-4 lbs I weighted my self today and I found out that I was 167.2 lbs I'm not sure why is it very slow, I'm not really dieting and there was days (memorial weekend and some others) that I just pigged out but I didn't think that it was THAT bad since I'm the kind of person who loses weight if I stopped eating dinner late at night but I have to tell you guys I feel stronger and healthier, I never jogged and when I first started working out I was able to jog for only 30 seconds now I can do it for good 2 minutes hehehe so its all good, I want to get to 160 or maybe 154 by the end of June so I might set that to be my goal for now.


About my gym crush hehehe its fading so thats good it keeps me more focus LOL but I have to tell you, part of me going to the gym initially was to be around my crush LOL now since my crush didn't show up (or change their workout time) since memorial that just made me feel even better that I'm still commited to going to the gym.


I'm sad that these exams are taking me soo long to get it over with, I'm bored with it, and I'm tired of seeing people being focus and getting two of these exams over with when I can't get one over with!


I was listening to Abraham today and he was saying something about a workshop that you go into for 15-20 minutes daily and picture your self in it, its not meditation or anything like that, its just you seeing your self the way you want it to be, so I will start doing that and see how it works.

I have been very good with segment intending and its working magic.


I want alot of things and I want them now, I just feel that I'm soo lazy that I'm not even giving my potentials a chance to shine!


good night my friends and may tomorrow brings the clearity to everyone :D

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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on June 15, 2011 at 4:39pm
I am about the same height and weight myself right now (5'8 and 173 pounds). I have not been staying consistent with positive thinking and being healthy, but I am with you, I want to get down to 150! Keep up the good work I know you can do it.
Comment by Judit on June 4, 2011 at 9:46am

Hi Dear Soul,


It`s very good you say exactly as you feel. You have clearity within you when you do what is the best for you as divine in every moment. We have a great journey to get to that state and we should fully enjoy the journey.


Much love,


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