The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I found my calendar so I know exactly where I am during this challenge and am happy to say that I have good feelings about that. This isn't unfolding quite the way I thought it would, but I am likely making reasonable progress and actually doing a better job at some things had I not moved. Both decluttering and organizing have certainly benefited from this huge upheaval in my life.

I am a little bit proud that I have been able to keep my shops open during this crazy time, but business isn't booming yet. I feel like I have plenty of time to rally and change that situation and create a sustainable and dependable revenue flow. Today is the day I need to figure out my best plan for doing that while I am organizing the work that has been essentially shelved since early October when the moving began.

Honestly, I feel that things are all exactly as they should be and are much better than what I visualized my situation would be had I not moved. Of course, everything is different but I am not resisting any of that. I don't think I would be in this place, and not just the physical place, if it were not exactly right. I think my attitude is what makes me feel excitement and exhilaration right not instead of feeling fear. I'm even excited about organizing an impossible amount of work to do during the next two weeks. I'm excited when I see myself doing the work and I am excited when I see what the stunning results will be. 

Above all, I feel good. Well, except for my left knee which is mysteriously misbehaving and I don't know why. I even believe that is part of the plan to make me stay close to home and work hard to bring my shops to fruition. I get up everyday and see "howzit" and proceed one day at a time. It's time, though, to be more deliberate with my actions. I know I'm going to surprise myself in a good way.

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