The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2: Day 63 If you are wanting to know...

If you are wanting to know about those who surround you, if you are wondering whether they are upon the path of their intent as they have come into physical expression, pay attention to the emotion that comes forth from within them, for it is not something that is easily hidden. When you are a joyous being, it is obvious, And the joy seeking being is always drawn to the being who is experiencing joy. The Law of Attraction sees to that.
- Abraham-Hicks -

Basically what this is saying is that if you are wondering if those around you are in vibrational alignment just observe the way they act. Not only will it reveal to you if they're in alignment, it'll also reveal if you are in alignment because like attract like. If their are negative people and your life and your family has been "cold" to you lately it's because you are attracting it, your thinking about it. Your thinking "oh what does she think about me? I bet he's mean? It's my first day no one is going to like me, no one is going to like me, no one is going to like me. Do you like me because they don't. Why doesn't anyone like me? Why did I do to you or you or you? If he doesn't like me fine I won't like him either. Do you see what I mean? This is what Abraham means about "beating the drum" stop beating the drum of what is and beat the drum of what you want. Start telling your story how you'd like it to be instead of telling it like it is like so many of us do. "Oh look at this Resturant, it's very lovely and warm and cozy and the people here are very nice and I feel so much positive energy. Don't you just love this resturant?" "Look at all the wonderful people in my life, every one of them are so unique and they may not love me the way I love them but once they see how much I love them they will begin to show unconditional love to me also, now I get it, that's what it's all about. All I have to do is think positively isn't that just wonderfu?"

And to a bad day you say:

"Right now is fustrating but it's no one's fault but my own, and now that I have recognized where my vibrations are I will find a way to feel better, I'll go bake cookies or walk to the park or take a warm bath or lie down and meditate, and then I will feel better and better and better".

(Psss...In case your wondering...this is what I do :-) )

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