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Yesterday was quite an incredible day! I did a meditation on my own for 15 minutes and that went well, nothing really significant though. Last night though I went back to my channeling meditation group. At first I didn’t want to go, because I didn’t really know anyone and it’s kind of awkward to stand around hoping people will be friendly and chat with me. But I also know that if I want to move forward and grow this exactly what I need to go do. Last week the meditation was on love and how it was changing every single molecule in our bodies to be receptive and filled with it, to help us make a greater spiritual shift. That night was just intense, you could feel it working through the body bit by bit. And I have felt a difference in the last week, being more calm and mostly feeling more protected. The message from the first week is that things will come easier for us now that our cells have been ‘updated.’

So last night went really well, we actually started with an introduction session and I got to meet the 20+ people attending before we started. I’m really not shy overall, I am friendly, open, and positive and I think I project that fairly well. Many people remembered me from last week and were quite friendly and talkative so I felt much more at ease. Anyway, then we began – the leader channeled Mark and immediately you could feel the energy change in the room, it became almost ‘electrified.’ I feel once Mark enters the room they can hear my thoughts and they answer the questions I ask inside my head. I asked for guidance on getting to the state need to receive the work of this session. Mark told the group that tonight we were going to work on physical changes. Whenever I feel truly connected I know it physically because my stomach gets almost like it has indigestion, very strange, but comforting at the same time.

Anyway, the work began and I could feel it going through my internal organs, there was heat and tingly feelings, sometimes even discomfort. It was resetting and calibrating our endocrine systems, hormonal balances, removing blockages, fixing our immune systems, and additionally working on our vital or light bodies. As the process was going on I was in a light meditative state and also highly present within my body. As the energy shifted it brought up memories of old injuries and things that I haven’t thought of for a long time. I would bring it to mind and ask, are you fixing this and I felt a comforted feeling. It’s very hard to explain, all I know is that something was going on, a major shift within my body. After it was complete I felt a soft gentle glow and felt so so good. And this morning when I woke up, for several months I have had neck pain to varying degrees every day. This morning – NONE. All gone, wow! Mark said the shift will continue working in our bodies for the next few weeks and maybe even months depending on the blockages we have. Physical health for me is a major concentration of my life and I consider it so important. This truly was a gift! The best gift I could ever ask for and I’m so grateful for it. In addition to that, after I met with the psychic last week she said my hormonal balance was off and even something with Endocrine system perhaps. And I have been thinking to myself since then, what can I do to set that right, how, what actions can I even take to fix something like that. Well I have been blessed with not only the answer but also the cure. Truly, I am just so blown away by this all!

Ok, so then we took a break and came back for the second part. Once Mark came back they announced this one was going to be on forgiveness, not small petty individual matters but forgiveness for the entire 7 billion human population – past, present, and future. At first, I of course was thinking of individual, personal level stuff, and I then felt a presence in my head it seemed to imply, no you are more than this, focus more broadly. This happened a couple times and when I did, wow, what a release. I forgave all of humanity of all the cruelty and abuses to animals over all time, I forgave all for everything we have ever done to anyone who could not stand up and help themselves like children, the weak, old, disabled and so on, those who have ever been taken advantage of in any way and it was so cleansing. I didn’t realize I was holding on to so much anger, I had been convicting the human race and laying a guilty sentence and conscious on it. Well this replaced it with love, it brought it to the light. The presence in my mind said that humans had to do all of these things to get to where we are now and where we are going, that it was all alright. Then I slipped into the gap. I have no idea how long I was there. I do remember connecting with my ‘map’ of individuals, anyone I have come into contact with throughout my life, in all the different countries and states. I felt myself believing that through those people and everyone they knew and everyone that they knew, in one giant network, I could say I am in touch with every single person on the planet. I felt my network so charged with energy. When I came back out from the gap, I just felt so amazing, glowing, at peace, full of love, thankful, and knowing that everything was ok.

Anyway, it was amazing to me, both experiences, I’m so happy I went last night. I look forward to more physical changes throughout the coming weeks, here are a few things that I remember that came up – lower back, left shoulder, right neck, inner ear, ovaries, stomach, liver, pineal gland, throat, eyes, skin and so much more. I felt great this morning, I literally bounced out of bed – that doesn’t usually happen. So yay! Blessings and light and forgiveness to all! J

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Comment by Sloneczko on January 11, 2011 at 6:18pm

Thanks Mary! The group has been absolutely amazing so far. They have some of the sessions online so you can be part of it too. I hope there is something in your area, I'm sure you'll find it soon! You can check out this group here:


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