The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2, Day 79 and 80 - Rev Up 2011

Day 79 I got in a nice 25 minute meditation and while I had some mind chatter I was able to abstract and be the watcher, that was new in my practice. Then that night my church was holding a 2011 Rev Up event where Reverend Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret) was teaming up with the minister to get us on the right track for the year. There was a lot of music at first and that was ok, but once the lectures began I did learn a bit and it was more inspirational than anything. A summary of my notes:

  • Every act we do on this planet is fully completed. So we cannot say I’m not done with my work yet, or when we die, because every single small action in itself was complete. Our work cannot be completed in just one incarnation. We must have a huge vision for what we want. Remember that each individual act counts towards that – no matter how small.
  • Learn to ignore the surface mind, live in this moment right now. Stop waiting for the future to be happy and whole, be that right now. Give yourself permission to be everything right now. Constantly say to yourself – “This is my moment!”
  • Blessings confer prosperity.
  • Seemingly negative events can be blessings because they are areas for growth, our lessons. We must learn from it, reframe it and become a better person from it.
  • Spiritual Shapeshifting – 90% of life is great, amazing, working and wonderful! Yet so many people focus on the 10% that isn’t and complain about that part frequently. Change the focus to the positive and the healing will take place because you are shifting your energy to the positive. It’s all integrated. Focus on the good 90%.
  • There are 3 main types of people. One – they have daily tasks but no overall goals. Two – People with tasks and goals – they use the tasks to achieve the goals. Three – People doing purposeful living meaning they have a higher purpose, use spiritual development and they use goals and tasks to bring about the higher purpose.

Day 80 the Rev Up series continued for another 3 hour session, here were my notes:

  • Keep a journal by your bed and write a new insight about yourself every day. We are all on a path of discovery – learning ourselves. We need to do inner exploration every single day.
  • Participate in the good right now. Use meditation, affirmative prayer and make sure your dominant thoughts are positive.
  • There is no such thing as empty space – instead where you see space realize it is truly the presence of love, light, and luminosity ready to spring through us at any time. We are surrounded by it always.
  • We have a certain set of beliefs – there is one presence, thought is energy, there is only abundance in the universe, you are spirit and never die.
  •  Gratitude and circulation is a great way to participate in goodness. So give regularly, it comes to insight, then becomes a way of living. What I do is all there is. Share the gifts within –give. And more comes to give this equals a Masterful Life.
  • Go from contraction to action. Do the things that you are afraid of, the things that you avoid. The fear actually lies in the approaching of the thing, not the actual doing of it.
  • Change security into fulfillment. Our old high points will soon become the norm in life, the new plateau from which life is lived and we can keep growing from there.
  • Coping mechanisms will attack anything new with excuses. So we need to find a way to make the new bigger than the old and that way we can move into new territory.
  • Shift attachment to commitment. Attachment is personality, ego and its rigid, fear-based also easy. Commitment is the true self – visionary and inspired, it is more difficult. In order to do this must set a high resolve and keep those moments of high resolve in front of everything.
  • My personal high resolve for the year is to be present. To enjoy now, right now. Not to focus on the future. I want to feel things through all my senses all the time. To be connected.
  • Ask yourself, what can I release that no longer belongs to my higher self, and let it go.
  • Change withholding to enthusiasm. Play in life, be in high spirits.
  • Don’t attach feelings to outcome. Not detachment but nonattachment. Live in awe but don’t be serious all the time. Live in Reverential Alertness – see all the possibilities all the time.
  • Recommended a prosperity book written by Lynn Twist.

I did manage to get in a quick 10 minute meditation afterwards, but had a busy night planned with friends going out to dinner and a show. I was in high spirits and had a wonderful day. I'm very happy I did the Rev Up. It helped me be present and love living in the moment - now I just need to remember that all the time!

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