The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Co-Creators,

Feeling strong and loving life day by day, welcoming love like never before.

I’m realizing life isn’t measured so much with the things I have purchased, but by the love I bring into the life of others and in return love comes back to me.

Sooner or later all my dreams will come to pass because I believe in them. I’m not so much bothered with making everything I want come to pass in a quick and a hurry.

I can’t say for sure I truly understand how all this works with manifesting things into my life.

But what I am sure of is, that love has found me and I feel free to take complete hold of it and enjoy what has been given me to its fullest.

And when life starts to turn to something else, I’m also learning to focus on its meaning and find what it will bring to my life.

Isn’t this what life should be?? feeling good and finding joy, love, peace and happiness??

Although pain shows its self , but the key is, its just another part of learning to play the part of being a human being and taking the good with the bad.

Most of all in this life we live and strive to be happy and enjoy every good thing but with every good thing it too will pass and bring new joys and new pains.

I know that I’m going to strive and to make the good of what I have in front of me at the moment.

Its wonderful to find myself and I mean really find myself.

What I have come to understand or let me say, what life has shown me, Is that I keep getting the same old things in my life is because, I never could make up my mind in what I truly wanted.

So I held onto some old friends that I was in fear of letting go in thinking that I needed them or I could get along without them. But in my finding I can!

I Experienced a bad relationship which fear kept me in captivity from finding that special someone in fearing that I would end up staying with what I wanted to get away from.

I’m 46 and life is way to short to keeping holding onto wishes.

I’ve decided to take a chance in life and enjoy what makes me feel good and in return bring some joy into someone else life in return.

Have a wonder life my Co- Creator friends much blessings to you all.

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