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Happy Weekend Beautiful Beings. To all who need this re-minder :

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Comment by David on July 2, 2012 at 8:21pm

I like what you said, especially this "these limitations can be overcome if we know how to work within and with the laws of the Universe to manifest all that we truly believe that we can." 


I think anything is possible, it is just a matter of someone making that discovery and showing the rest of mankind that it can be done.... who's to say that our minds can't do things that most of mankind thinks they can't? It seems the majority of mankind says it can't be done and it takes 1 or 2 people to prove billions of people wrong...... in fact I think many people have discovered what the mind can do and have tried to tell others but most people simply refuse to believe them..... which just so happens to be the one criteria to having your mind do it.... 

I like your mind.... I can tell you like to dig deeper as well...

Comment by Mona on July 2, 2012 at 12:28pm

hahha, wonderful, super, questions dear David!

You know how to keep digging deeper... lol

I had my yogi tea this morning and it said "YOU ARE UNLIMITED"...

So my thoughts on your probing :


I think that as human beings we are living a limited life, because we have a body that has limitations that are governed by the laws of the Universe.


Then again, these limitations can be overcome if we know how to work within and with the laws of the Universe to manifest all that we truly believe that we can. Our feelings are the signposts into knowing our true path. I've recently been tapping into my feelings for clues into my direction. Listen, things happen, but again I believe in the saying that "it is our reaction" to the things that occur as to what way we go next. Life is a paradox of sorts, but at the end of the day, we can be grateful for everything with no results and I think that what you said "SINCERELY" is key into how the Universe responds back to us.

We have to be genuine and truthful in all that we do... we cannot make bargains with the Universe as in "I will serve the poor or the needy" because I will get more money or more riches or whatever your more is. That is being manipulative and not going with the flow of your being.

I also believe in Astrology, being of Indian descent, there certainly is something to this science... but even this science suggests that the bad or good things that we are destined for can be lessened by our deeds accordingly. So, once again we have the choice, we are magnificent beings, and all of us are embarking on a great awakening... what that is I honestly cannot say I KNOW, however, I do know that it is going to be something that will awaken us to the POWER OUR POWER...


Onwards,Upwards, and Forwards... let's GO...............  :)

Comment by David on July 2, 2012 at 8:15am

Hi Mona,

Great to read your words as well. A Happy 4th to you too. 

I love thinking things that not very many people think about. About the mind being powerful and unlimited.... and what that even means. Can our thoughts actually change our circumstances and experiences in life.... or is it like the world wants us to believe, that we MUST take some sort of physical action?

Can being grateful 24/7 literally attract to us all our desires? With NO ACTION outwardly? Will new experiences arise in our lives as a result of gratitude and nothing more?

Can the absence of gratitude in my life keep my desires from me and keep me miserable? There's only ONE WAY to find out.... for each and every one of us..... show gratitude for what we have in life, sincere gratitude from morning to night.... and stay grateful and observe our own lives.... does more come to us from JUST that or are our minds not that powerful....

I think they ARE that powerful..... and I'm grateful for that.

Love and light to you too...

Comment by Mona on July 1, 2012 at 9:32pm


Wonderful to read from you!

Of course it is Possible to stop believing what the world tells you to believe or rather you feel as though you SHOULD believe them! We are all here for own individualized lessons and no one's lesson is typically the same as the others, even though there are similarities amongst our journeys. I like your intrigue into the mind, as you know I'm also on this path of expanding my mind and thereby getting grips on my destiny. I must say that I am transforming in front of my very eyes, and God as my witness, i do declare that I am slowly but surely ridding the thoughts that at one time used to plague my mind to the point of me wanting to end this life... that cycle is upon me yet again, but this time around, I find it much easier and look at the whole situation as a movie, and I know there will be a resolve to it, and ending perhaps... I have been able to only do this with my own mind, not by anyone telling me or showing me or proving to me, because I've gone through the whole shaningans of everyone telling me what I should and should not feel or think! I have been able to sit with my own thoughts, my own mind and work on programming it into never allowing myself to go those dark thoughts, and even when they come up, I zapped them, by simply declaring my higher self to handle it! It is working thus far... and I'm very, very proud of myself, and just wish I had done this process years ago... Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and query... hope it helped somewhat. Hope all is well with you and your family! If I don't read from you before the 4th, have a Happy 4th of JULY... Independence! Ha! How about being independent of our EGO?!  Love n Light to you in the highest. :)

Comment by David on July 1, 2012 at 10:55am

One question I have for my higher self is this.... is it possible to stop believing 95% of the crap this world believes to be truth....all the horrible things that everyone wants us to focus on.... and yes, I have had horrible things happen to me...... but is it possible to simply stop BELIEVING in them and talking about them and thinking about them ..... and then as I do, observe the circumstances and experiences in my life.... believing that this act alone, not believing in all of that, can actually transform the circumstances of my life.... where everything I thought was true was not true at all.... but in fact only true because I FIRST gave it truth by believing it was all true.....

I like to explore the power of my mind... and i believe that not believing everything the "world" wants me to believe may just be one of the areas that most people haven't explored because they don't think that is "reality" when in truth they are creating their reality by believing in it first.... 

I can hear the naysayers already.... that sounds delusional ..... well I say it is that thinking that keeps you living in a world where you think suffering is a way of life.... and illusion.... and yes the illusion IS real.... THAT is why it is an illusion.... because it seems so real.

What if a person can think of and only believe in GOOD only and one day find they were sleep walking in a delusional world that they thought was real because they believed what they thought was real.... when it is them that is delusional ....


One way to find out.... stiop reacting to what this "world" seems to keep telling me is truth and creating my own truth.... all the while having to deal with the truth that I have to because I first believed it.... but one by one maybe those "truth's" will change as my belief in them change....

I accept nothing that this world tells me until I can experience it myself.... then I will KNOW!

Comment by David on July 1, 2012 at 10:37am

There is something in just simply asking ourselves questions. Not quite sure how it works but I do believe in it... the mind is a powerful instrument if we just keep exploring it.

Comment by Mona on June 29, 2012 at 7:43pm

You are might welcome, dear TRUE SELF !!!



P.S. ~ absolutely love your name on here, it's as if I'm talking to myself when addressing YOU :)

Comment by True Self 2012 on June 29, 2012 at 6:16pm

I'm off to do this now...thank you :)


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