The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2, Day 80 -- Working on Painting and Carpet Removal

I think my home is something of a metaphor for my life. When I moved in here many years ago, I spent some time and money making improvements and keeping it in order and filled with sunshine and beauty. My life also was filled with joy. peace and love.

With loss of ones close to me came a period of not being able to handle life and I no longer cared for my home either. I struggled at times to put order back into both my home and my life, but things piled up and piled on.

This clearing and renewing of my home is working changes in my life and attitudes. I am throwing out what no longer works for me. I am repairing and renewing. There is sadness at times in giving up the old and inertia in dealing with certain areas. There are memories infused in nearly everything I touch. The project is taking much longer than I had expected or planned...but it continues. In my mind, I can see a transformed environment -- even if the reality of it at this moment is remnants of the old and stacked boxes and pails of the new.

I do not see the completed project as an end, but as a beginning of the opportunity to learn and grow and give in new directions. When my home can again welcome visitors, I will share with them my hands, my mind, my talent, my art. I will soon be in a place where I have recovered and facilitate that same recovery in others. This is my purpose and the purpose for the project at hand.

I am eternally grateful to my Creator and the universe and the manifestation (mankind) of love with which I am surrounded. As I create beauty and order in my home, I would challenge others to work at creating beauty and order in our earth home.

Blessings to all who read!

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Comment by Imp on September 28, 2010 at 1:35pm
I like this blog. I feel a definite sense of loss and poignancy, as well as renewed hope, energy, peace and love. Wonderful!

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