The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Finished an enormous project. Nine page paper on postcolonial critical theory--riveting, I know! I'll be presenting it at a colloquium at the University in less than two weeks, so I'm glad to be done with it, and hoping my professor doesn't say it needs much revision tomorrow.

I've been down, lately, and filled with angst. Part of it is the weather. It really affects me and feels like a bad dream I can't wake from. It causes me stress and sadness and makes some of my health issues worse.


I've decided to rise above it all. Next Monday, I'll be starting a new, healthy diet, and working out more than usual, getting my endorphins to release. I'll also start vitamin D therapy, and begin meditating in earnest. 

April 10 is the last day of my challenge, and the end of the semester will come about a week and a half later.

In hindsight, this was both a good time and a terrible time in my life to co-create. This has proven the single most difficult semester of my life. I'm a senior with all incredibly heavy courses, and very little time for anything else, including work. This semester was also made difficult because we had a number of snow days, and thus had to cram an immense amount of work into an abbreviated amount of time. Not to mention one of my professors reneged on her promise to cancel our final exam, and another professor essentially just "phoned it in" and dropped the ball on two of my classes.


It's because of LOA and co-creation that I am as strong and positive as I am. While things are difficult now, I know in a few weeks, everything will be better. The sun will shine, I'll have less homework, I'll have more time to work, and therefore more money, and I'll be able to spend time with friends and give my house a good deep cleaning.

Everything will be okay, and I'll feel better, happier, and healthier. Light, love, and abundance to all of you!!!      

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