The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 Day Zero: It all starts tomorrow!

I have to say I'm excited for my new season. I need some more change in my life and since this season will hit and my birthday is smack in the middle it'll be awesome to share a new outlook, attitude and soon to be even better me to ring in that birthday.

Lately a lot of things have resonated with me. Just things that have kind of nudged me saying "hey you're on the right track" and that alone makes me a bit calmer since before my first season that was one of my biggest questions. Was I on the right track? or did I miss something?

I would hyper analyze every little bit of my life to see if there was something I missed. I like living in this moment. I like where I am. Now that I've started to understand how the universe works it makes this life that much more rich and ready to accept what I've been given.

So I've already updated my page with all my new goals for this season. Tomorrow is going to be great. Yes it'll be a bit hard since I have to learn new habits and push and stay commited that but all in all it's going to be great.

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