The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Goodness it’s been a busy week I guess, I try to write every day but it’s been almost a full week since I last have. The good news is that I have been meditating every day though.

Day 81 I was so present and just enjoying everything about the day, met a couple friends for church in the morning and in the afternoon went up to the mountains. It was beautiful and snowy, a winter wonderland and the house we were staying in was beyond gorgeous and at 8300 square feet, plenty of room to enjoy. I did a 20 minute meditation and I could feel the strong, yet peaceful energies of the mountains around me. Then I just relaxed and had fun for the rest of the night with a big bunch of friends.

Day 82 we came back from the mountains in quite a fierce snowstorm and it was so beautiful, snowflakes darting everywhere and accumulating so quickly. We had a delicious and filling lunch out before coming home to blue skies and sunshine – I love Colorado! That night I had my group meditation with Jonette and I was so excited from the amazing experiences I had the prior two weeks. This week was about moving to a higher plane and intersecting the giant wave of love with isolated feelings like joy or events or patterns that hold us back personally. We did many exercises and while I didn’t understand a lot of it I did get some great feelings of release and then connection. I was able to abstract out into the universe and see it unfolding and ride that wave to expand my consciousness and ability/capacity for love. It was pretty neat, definitely not as much of a breakthrough as the past couple weeks, but definitely a great experience.

Day 83 I ended up getting busy at work and shorting myself to just 15 minutes of meditation and I was unable to get into the gap. Happily I went to hot yoga early and laying in shivasana was able to meditate into the gap before class. It just felt great and I had a wonderful class.

Finally, today, Day 84, I had a lovely day, exercised, read, work was pretty relaxed and I got in a great 30 minute meditation. Overall, it’s been a fabulous week! Love and blessings to everyone, everywhere! J

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Comment by Jill on January 19, 2011 at 11:40pm
Hello Sloneczko, These past few days all sound so wonderfully relaxing. Thank you for catching us up on your 100 day journey. Blessings Jilly

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