The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 85 did a 20 minute meditation and went to my ladies spiritual group. Wonderful night, we did vision boards. I love mine and hung it on the fridge so I can see it every day. It’s colorful and full of things like attracting money, fitness, pregnancy, travel, confidence, and love.

Day 86 - Wow, what a day! Today I had been invited to go be part of some research for an upcoming book. The topic used biofeedback methods before and after a Soul Body Fusion. I don’t really know much about either but it sounded interesting – and it definitely was! For the measurements part I was hooked up to a computer via electrodes, one on a finger on the left and one on the right, 2 in the palm of my right hand, one on my left wrist, one on my right ear and one in the center of my head. Before she hooked me up she asked if either of my hands felt warmer than the other, I said about the same. So the first exercise is reading the temperature of your hands. My left was about 79 degrees and my right was 83 degrees. I was way off. Then she says concentrate on trying to make the left warmer to match the right. I got 3 minutes and I did make progress but didn’t get anywhere near, still several degrees off. Sidenote – later I watched a teenage girl do this and she had it right on and equal within 30 seconds and even maintained it the whole time. So the next exercise was one where your brain waves made music and you had to focus to create a certain sound. I had to close my eyes and I was able to produce beautiful sounds several times. Then we were done and she showed me the graphs. My emotions were way above my physical body and none of the 3 lines intersected (right, left, brain waves). The next scan was of my mind – not my brain – my mind. There was a unique pattern of a line heading diagonally straight up. The researcher was fascinated by this. I was to learn later that students of conscious learning/soul seeking often have this pattern. The fact that I had no training yet still had this pattern was unique and significant.

The soul body fusion was a cool experience too. I felt warmth in my upper body, which moved to my head, I had a frontal headache for a minute, then the warmth was in my right side of the throat, and then down into my stomach. I felt something say we are done here. My guide sensed it too and after a minute let go. All this took about 8 minutes.

So I had to leave but then I came back in a couple hours to do the testing again. This time we went straight to the sound exercise. The researcher said I was very tense and that I needed to relax. I didn’t feel overly stressed, but she had to restart several times because my brain wave energy was too high for the readings. I had to close my eyes to relax a bit, then we got going. After it was done we saw the comparison. My right hand was still quite a bit warmer than the left, but this time they intersected and also both with my brain wave activity, so that was good. My mind chart was completely empty, my mind was quiet, exactly as I was asking it to be. My brain on the other hand was all over the place, spikes up and down everywhere.

The final analysis. She said I am an old soul, there is great wisdom within me, I have lots of meditation experience. I have great power and creativity and it is unlimited the things I could do if I could control my power, my balance, my connection. She said I have a brilliant mind, extremely intelligent, that I have very high emotions, powerful emotions. BUT I cannot access them, my brain is flying all over the place all the time, so many thoughts, and no way to calm them and control them. She said if I worked hard on my own it will take me 7-10 years to actually harness the power. She said if I studied Aikido for 1 year, that would give me the same results. It’s the short cut, it physically shows me how to get balanced. That’s powerful. It was strange to sit there and have an expert at the same time say all these amazing wonderful things about me and also that I am pretty much useless with the power unless I can harness it. She showed a brief moment on the graph when I had locked in sync with both brain and mind. She said that is where I always want to be – in that moment I was extremely powerful, but I need to learn to maintain that. Well it was very cool and I’m so happy I did this. I learned a lot. Primarily that I need to balance my body better. I have always felt the great power lurking underneath since I was a child and lately I’ve been feeling it even more, a calling to remember, that I am needed for something. I’m trying to so hard to learn quickly, but clearly I have a LONG way to go still.

Day 87 I meditated in a class at my yoga studio sitting in a beam of sunshine through the windows. It was lovely, 3 full hours of yoga and relaxation at the studio. What an amazing Saturday morning!

Day 88 went to church with a couple friends and just really enjoyed the service, felt that I was bursting with positive happy energy. Did a quick 13 minute meditation. This was one of the first times I’ve tried it with my husband around, hearing all the noises of someone else in the house was quite distracting, but overall I did find some peace. Plus, I also need to learn to drown out the outside distractions and go within.

Day 89 I did a nice 15 minute meditation and now I’m getting ready for my meditation/channeling group tonight. This has been a pretty incredible spiritual week! Only 10 days left and I’ll be done with Season 2 already! Blessings of love and happiness!

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