The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 96

Had a very nice 30 minute meditation today, I would call it gentle. I don’t remember thoughts I had while in it as usual, but I’d call it very successful. Today I finished the book ‘The Camino’ by Shirley Maclaine and wow, there were a ton of revelations in there! What a cool journey, I added going to Spain to walk the Camino myself to my life (bucket) list. I really enjoyed this book it was not only a physical adventure but also a spiritual adventure. At the bottom of this post I put together a time summary of the experience she had in the book. It’s a big spoiler, so if you are going to read it, don’t read the end of this post.

Day 97

Nothing too remarkable did a 25 minute mediation, got in the gap quickly. Remember nothing.  

Day 98

Did a nice little 20 minute meditation today, immediately fell into the gap and woke up 18 seconds before my alarm was going to go off. So that was wonderful and I woke up so refreshed and energetic. Also a note about my ‘alarm’, it’s actually an application on my Droid, a Zen Alarm, so it’s a lovely sound of bells and it far more gentle than a standard alarm.

Day 99

Today I was feeling sleepy after lunch and took a 10 minute nap in my chair. When it came time to meditate later in the afternoon, I found my thoughts very restless and didn’t settle for probably 10 minutes. I had set my alarm for 25 minutes and from the time my thoughts quieted until the alarm it seemed to go by in an instant. I really do wonder where I go! I hope someday to be able to remember it. Anyway, I didn’t feel done so I went another 5 minutes or so. Looking at the days, it’s stunning to believe that tomorrow is the last day of season 2!


Book Summary of the Timeline/Summary

“Remember that one drop of joy that you create transforms oceans of negativity.”

The Beginning – One spirit/Consciousness/Force = Deity. The one spirit moved within itself and created universes, worlds, and dimensions. Trillions of galaxies were made and all were part of the Deity.

The Deity then desired to feel and then created life. Trillions of souls were created in the Deity’s divine image. Each soul had a pairing or soul mate, though not male and female separately, each soul was both male and female and complete within itself so there was no domination or inequality among 2 soul mates. The soul mates were to bear witness to each other and were bound together for all eternity as harmonious companions.

Billions of years passed where the souls evolved. The Deity then charged the souls with being cocreators of physical life and they were spun all throughout the universe. Some came to planet Earth. A few served only the Deity – Michael, Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel – they watched over the other souls who were commissioned to earth. Each pair of androgynous soul mates has its own unique electromagnetic frequency and they were to serve the Deity which also meant their higher selves. They were granted free will to do this.

At first the souls were angelic beings with electromagnetic wings reflecting the lines of the earth and were to express their individuality by creating life –forms on earth.  Time did not exist millenniums became eons. Hundreds of thousands of creatures were created and evolved by thought connections of all souls together.

Lucifer Rebellion - The souls were fascinated by their creations and kept moving closer to earth and eventually to incarnate into the beings they created. This was the first fall of grace because they forgot their divinity. The souls went of their own free well. They began to argue and created bizarre brainless creatures like dinosaurs. The law of cause and effect (karma) came into being, because all energy always returns to itself.

There was fighting and killing because the souls were separated from the Deity. The archangels needed to step in and created the Ice Age to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs, and then created the primate. The souls needed to evolve together and were in such a lost state, basically considered Hell since they were cut off from the illumination of the divine Deity, hell meant spiritual amnesia. The first step to returning to the Deity was redemption.

Other souls from other planets came to earth and saw the slow progression of the primates and decided to use their technology to help speed up the process. This interbreeding and genetic engineering both physically and psychically is the missing link in human evolution. The souls were shocked back to consciousness. The more aware they became the more the divinity of the soul shaped the physical body.

The Adamic race – This race developed over millions of years with rudimentary communities, customs, laws and beliefs. A second wave of extraterrestrials came and helped man’s first civilization be born. Bringing art, culture, math, technology, and spirituality. But they insisted on being revered as gods by humans. The archangels ordered a spiritual hands-off policy at the height of the Lemurian period.

Lemuria (aka Garden of Eden) - First paradise on Earth humans lived in state of perfection. Each soul was both male and female or androgynous. Lasted many eons. Communicated via thinking only, structures made of crystal for magnifying thought waves. Main diet of mangos, could communicate mentally with both plants and animals. The capital was Ramu, located where Hawaii is today. 50 million souls total. The physical body was immortal, when souls reached a level of seniority they would choose to return to the astral plane. The reason for existence was to manifest total harmony on the physical plane. Harmony = love. Everything was about electromagnetic frequencies, including music, structures.

Atlantean Civilization - The soul forms decided to experience more outgoing physicality and separated male from female into separate entities by dividing themselves. Atlantis was an advanced colony of Lemurians and were trying to break away because they were influenced by the modern technology of the ET’s. They lost sight of their goals and became imbalanced, lost their identification with the whole, and developed the ego or selfishness (original sin). Feelings of superiority meant domination of others. Spirituality was abandoned and souls became emotional beings. The spiritual energy of man was disharmonized and so the earth, an extension of that had distorted electromagnetic energy and caused volcanoes, earthquakes, and tidal waves. It caused Lemuria to go under and millions of souls died. This was to purge distortion. Every 6,666 years the earth goes into a planet alignment, if it is not in psychic and harmonious with electromagnetic support from higher beings then destruction. The pyramid in Egypt contains humanity’s past, present, and future events – a cosmic time machine.

The soul mate reflects the identical oscillations of frequency as its mate. The pair of soul mates was created at the beginning of time and they are meant to be together and continually search for reunion. Twin souls are those who have been together many times and serve each other’s journey back to the Divine.

The soul motivates everything. Learn to love the Divine Deity with all the heart and mind, and the neighbor as thyself and the telepathic energy to heal and protect the collective consciousness from harm will come about. No soul is separate from one another or the Deity. We are benevolent and desire harmony and love.

All soul creatures are creatures of the Deity and are charged with returning their souls to the Divine in exchange for having had the gift of life.


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