The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 2 starts tomorrow! Season 1 report and my goals!

Hello everybody!!!

It has been a year since I finished with Season 1. It was a great season, because I won my battle with hypochondria. It was mentally killing me for years. I have to admit, I still have "bad moments", but very very rarely. I'm so happy about that. I also lost quite a lot of weight. I still need to lose a few kilograms, but I'm happy that I didn't gain any weight back.

I also have more self-esteem. I am also satisfied with my career. However, I want more and I'm glad it's going to happen in Season 2 and 3 :) I was focusing mainly on my mental issues in Season 1, but in S2 I will be focusing on material things as well.

The only thing I did not achieve is book publishing. Not because people didn't like it, but because I didn't show it to anyone! I know, it's awful, but I was too scared. I am going that this Season!!!!


I want to be 100% healthy and in a very good place financially, because I want a child.


For some of my goals, I will need more than 100 days, that is why I have decided to Season 2 and 3 together.


My Goals:



I am going to lose another 10 kilograms.

I am going to do back exercises every day and I am going to get rid of my back pain.

I am going to do Yoga and I'm going to meditate as often I can

I am going to eat  organic food and I will stop eating white flour and sugar (I only buy organic food now, but sometimes I still eat sweets).

My PCO won't cause me any problems. I am going to do all I can to get rid of the cysts.

I am going to exercise regularly.

I will be healthy and fit enough to get pregnant and have a healthy child! It doesn't have to be very soon, but I want it to happen in the next two years. I really want a healthy child with my amazing boyfriend. It is going to happen.



My relationship with my boyfriend is going to stay perfect. He is such an amazing guy and I love him to pieces.

My relationship with my parents is going to be better. I am going to talk to them more and I will express my gratitude more. I am going to say what's in my mind without hurting anyone. They are going to be reasonable and more proud.

My relationship with my step daughter is going to be better. I will work hard to make it better. The rest is up to her.

My friends and I are going to stay as close as we are now.

I will attract positive people and I will let go all the  very negative people in my life. I am going to see my friends more often.



I am going to be even more sucessful at work and make my employers resepct me more.

I am going to make more money than I do now. I am going to be financially satisfied.

I am going to do more things for my webpage. it's becoming very popular and I am going to make money on good adverts and articles.

I am going to show my book to a lot of people. I am going to send it to a publisher and my friend (with a degree in english) is going to translate it. My biggest wish is to be a professional writer.

I am going to find more nice and fulfilling ways to make money.

I am going to study more and educate myself.

I am going to have enough money to pay for a second degree in the next couple of years.

I am going to save money, but also buy myself a couple of "treats" and not feel bad about it.

In the future, everybody in my family are going to be financially satisfied.

I am going to do everything I need to do "today" and not "tomorrow" :D



I am going to continue reading books by people like Louise Hay, Tolle and Hicks.

I am going to practice positive Afirmations every single day.

I am going to listen Louise Hay's CDs as often as I can.

I am going to enjoy little things in life.

I am going to smile more often and I am going to think more positive.

I am going to write here as often as I can.


That's it for now. I know it sound a lot, but I want to achieve a lot of it in a year. I was very focused on myself and dealing with my health issues in season 1. I'm not doing badly at all, but things have to improve.


That's it for now! :)


See you soon!

Stay positive!







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