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My 2nd season starts tomorrow, November 1st. 


I went to this new therapist on Friday... Wow! Loved him! 

As a funny thing the minute I saw him it felt like I had known him for centuries. And having had therapists of all kinds I have to say that this one made me feel so comfortable and so joyful! Really cool! 

We are working with my roots. Mentally I got my roots cut off when I lost my house three years ago.   And it would be quite difficult to get a house in the mountains with a creek and a garden and trees around... and my healing lodge... If I have no roots. SO! main thing now is to develop them.

I do a grounding meditation every day now. I have to see myself throwing roots to the ground, I do imagine roots coming from me into Earth. As to create a foundation where my house is going to be built.  Even as i am writing this, if I pause, I close my eyes, and feel my root system into the ground. (Even living in the city on a third floor!)


I want to create an income too, when I live there... I do have to create something that would allow me to start living in that property... When I am there, I do not want any stress.

All of a sudden a lodge and a place in the South came to my mind. ... HA! No no no! Not that one! I already tried that! The one lodge that I will have is going to be mine... with my Love. I do want to have a soul mate with me in this adventure.

I do want to share this adventure with a man. And raise in the mornings and hear him in the garden or in the back of the house.... as he will wake up a little before me.

We will create this lodge together. We will work in it together. It will be our dream together.


For the 2nd Season!

1. I want MY house in the mountains with gardens, a creek and trees around. This house will be under MY name or my kid's. 

2. I want a soul mate. A man to share my life with.  He is a well traveled, wealthy, sweet, funny, intelligent, deep, spiritual, tall, divorced with grown up kids, speaks two or three languages besides his mother tongue, free spirited, well read and cultured, peaceful, healthy, and we do enjoy a never ending conversation every single day of our lives.  3. I want a lodge, dedicated to heal stress, to give peace, to do retreats. A lodge where we will have every day yoga, Course in Miracles, different book analysis, etc. Where there will be a labyrinth, a herbs garden and tiny meditation gazebos in the middle of the cloud forest. 


I will end my nowadays job in a very peaceful way. As a win win situation for everyone. My kids will be happy and the company too. We will all be satisfied with the change. 


I will develop roots. I will visualize this house, with every single detail in it. I will visualize the lodge. I will start talking to him. NOW. 

This is my reality. Thank You Universe!


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Comment by Carrie on October 31, 2011 at 2:34pm good to see you back!

Look on the front page of ccor. Locate your post. Then look below it. We posted one minute apart from each other, both saying we would start a new season tomorrow lol.

I LOVE your reality. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are creating and you SO deserve these things. We have made the decision to move to FL. The house goes up for sale in Feb. I want to be in FL by April. This is what I will be working on. LOVE your roots meditation. I am going to borrow this for my new home.

Its final and its done :o)  I'm already there!

Hope we can support each other during this new season. Hugs to your therapist. He sounds DIVINE!!!



Comment by Jill on October 31, 2011 at 2:00pm good to see you. Several of us are starting our new season on 11-11-11. I would love for you to join us. You can check out my blog about it HERE !


I hope you can join us. Love J


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