The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I have finished Season 2 and I'm very pleased with the overall journey. I was so much more committed than in Season 1 and I made amazing spiritual progress and learning.

These were my initial goals:

1. I am extremely healthy, I work out regularly, I love my vegetarian diet, I get enough sleep, I’m not overly stressed, and overall I’m a very happy person. The one thing I would like to work on however, is my weight, I’m 12 pounds over what I’d consider my perfect weight. At 142 right now, I’d really like to get back down to my college/high school weight of 130 pounds. I feel amazing and confident at that slim weight, and everything in my closet will fit again beautifully!

2. I have been exploring my spirituality quite a bit over the last few months, joining a church focused on higher consciousness, regularly doing my hot (bikram) yoga practice several times a week, reading and listening voraciously to a wide assortment of materials. I really need to focus on meditation. My goal is for at least 10 minutes every single day.

3. I already feel so incredibly prosperous and thankful for all that I have already, a wonderful full time job that allows me to work from home with much freedom, an online job that I do part time working from home, consulting work that I do part time from home, and finally my own business that I started 4 years ago. My business is where I need to focus my efforts, profits have been lackluster and even down in the last year. I would like to see them start improving again; my goal is for a total profit of $6000 over the next 3 months.


 So how did I do. Well not good on #1, I actually gained 2.5 pounds instead of losing anything. But I do have a very healthy, happy body which I am grateful for every single day. #2 I made amazing progress with going to classes, churches, meditation groups, yoga classes, home study, many many books and even some experiments. Meditating for only 10 minutes a day now seems way too short, I generally do 20+ at least once a day. #3 - my business profits were way up, I fell short of the goal by about $1000, but sales were much higher than usual, so I consider this one a success as well. I am thrilled with all of my progress in Season 2! I am going to wait to start Season 3 until Valentine's Day.


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Comment by Jennifer on February 8, 2011 at 9:07pm
You probably gained muscle from all that yoga!
Comment by Shaman Kanowa on February 8, 2011 at 8:31pm
Gaining 2.5 pounds is not so bad of a thing, considering that you eat healthy and exercise a lot, you are on the right path! There is no rush to lose too much weight at once.

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