The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3....

July 31-November 7

Today I have been mentally preparing myself for this upcoming season. This season I really want to challenge myself, and become a master manifestor. I intend to commit to my personal growth and focus on my spirituality. My goals are to become more comfortable meditating, move into very own home, purchase a car, and take a trip. I am a new mother, and I intend to be the best mother I can be to my newborn son.

I will be more positive and more aware of my thoughts. I will live more in the moment and be thankful for all that I have in my life.

I will ask...
I will believe...
More importantly
I will know...
And I will receive!

I speak these words over myself right now!

I will have all that I desire. I will make great progress.

Don't believe me? ...... just watch.

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