The 100 Day Reality Challenge

And, I'm back! The results from Season 2 were so spectacular, I know I should keep that momentum going!

I have the new dimension of being a student again and the responsibility of improving my Etsy shops while they are in a state of increase, so that's where the priorities lie this time around. I also want to keep moving forward with decluttering. Losing half of my baggage was a great start, and here's another place to keep the momentum going, too. And. You know what. I need a few nice rewards to go with the new person I see in the mirror. So, if you see that I am spoiling myself a little, you are likely right.

That was a lot to happen in a little time. Packing up and moving quick-like after being settled in a place for almost nine years. I experienced huge miracles during the process. I was clear about exactly what I wanted for a new home and was prepared to do the bold thing of putting my stuff in storage until I found it. And. Boom! There it was. Exactly perfect.

Now. Just to be bold. I have to decide what exactly my Etsy shops are going to be like. And how my education is going to unfold. And who my best self is. I'm getting clear and focused and expecting spectacular results. Stand by. This is going to be fun!

I am completely on target with my school work this week except for some comments I will be posting later today. I am going to put some pumpkin bread in the oven and unpack my gardening supplies. I have to come up with a new vision for my BathroomFarm project because this space is different and also because my new landlord has a no-mounting-anything-on-the-wall clause in the lease. I can hang little stuff up, but they don't want me screwing heavy objects, like the particle board surface I used before, onto the walls. No worries. I will be thinking inside the box for my new indoor garden. That's all I'll say for now.

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Comment by alison on January 10, 2015 at 6:58am
Sounds exciting, lot of lovely fresh energy there and new starts, have fun x


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