The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 Day 1:

Season 2 did not go as well as I had planned. I had learned more about myself and my character, however I had also fallen back into depression. I found myself looking for a new job and finding my place in the Universe. Now, I am going to start season 3 and things will be different. I am going to be starting at a new job quite soon and now I wish to lay out some goals for this season. First, I have a tangible manifestation I will be trying to achieve within the next thirty day, by September the 12th. Pictured above is a gaming PC from iBuyPower called the Paladin 950. It will have an Intel Core i7 chip inside, 12 GB of memory, 2 GeForce GTX285 cards in SLI mode and a BluRay reader. This will boost my positive energy as it gives me something to really aim for.
By the end of my third season I will have a household income of 2k every week. To make sure this positive energy keeps flowing, I will blog on the hundred day challenge each and every day. Each day will have a picture symbolizing my dreams and my current feelings on life.
I will start exercising more often. I will walk outside at least 3 times a week and just take in the beauty of nature all around me.
I will read more books and start to write more creatively, beginning with Warcraft characters, Megildur and Valorio.
Within thirty days I will have that new gaming machine to symbolize this new beginning in my life. It has been some time since I had my own desktop computer, and this will really symbolize the abundance that is starting to flow into my life.

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