The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 - Day 1 - Feb 3 - Let's do this...again...again

Omy goodness. You guys. I am such a loser. I always start these seasons and I never finish! I want to write a blog at least once every three days. I really really want to do this. I need to do this. Because when I write these blogs it literally changes my life. It's such a release to write down intentions or to write about your day, how you could have changed it or how amazing it was. This is try number 4. Hopefully this time I will make it to day 100.

It's funny, my only excuse for not finishing is because I'm too busy. Too busy to have a good life, when that should be the most important thing. Right? Gotta get my priorities straight. 

What I am intending to happen: Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of my play.

So anyway this is the first post of Season 3 (which I am starting for the second time) And I am excited to see what happens. 

And now for the grateful fors:

Grateful for:

-relaxing day



-Lazy Sunday :)

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Comment by Christina C on February 3, 2013 at 5:32pm

You are being hard on yourself! Put it out there, and then allow it to come to you. saying things like ,"even if just for a little while" is setting your future up for it to be just for a little while. You deserve great things! I support you in your intensions. They come to you when the time is right. :)

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