The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I can't wait to create some changes in my life!!!
My hubby and I went and toured new homes today. We fell in love with a beautiful home. Only one stepping stone to achieve - the price tag was $825,000.00 Hmm... then all the self talk started. Do I even want this house? What would I do with a 5000 sq ft house? How would I pay the utilities when I am stressing paying $75 for cosmetics this week?!? Why do I feel I don't deserve this house? Someone will move into this home - why not me??? How do I resolve these issues and allow abundance into my life?

Also, how do I quit hurting other people's feelings with my words? Any suggestions? I seem to say things about my life, and not realize I have offended the listener until it's too late. For example, I mentioned my son is getting a little belly and needs to exercise more. Well, my listener is slightly overweight and hypo thyroid and can't seem to lose the weight. I hurt her feelings. How do I relearn how to speak? Any books, EFT? how?

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