The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello co-creators. So this season I am really trying to manifest bigger changes in my life. I feel the vibrations and light inside that are nside of me. I keep manifesting little things and they make me so happy and grateful. I love finding money in my pockets, manifesting parking, manifesting customers. This season and passed season have tormented me with my personal conflicts. I am currently seperated. I feel like we are over at times. I miss what we use to be. I want more. I think he is holding on to something we had along time ago. He says people say I am still in love with you. I think that if he was he would of done something different by now. He hasn't. How long will I sit and wait to see if he does. I try to manifest answers. I always come to the conclusion to be myself and go with my gut instinct. Something has to give. I think it works against me when I am trying to manifest so much in my life it drains me. I seek peace and calm in my life. I want to feel passion love and friendship. I need to clear my life in order to create clean vibrations so I can really connect to my inner power. This is my third season and I now what I am capable. I havent been posting or doing video blogs. I want my next 25 days to be completely different! I am putting my head down and working hard to change my life. I refuse to give into all that collective ego that is on the news about this bad economy. I refuse to give it any energy! So here I go!! I hope you all are doing great on your 100 days!! thanks for listening!!! Realize it and Release it!!!!

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