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Greetings Beloveds! Well, I'm having a complete blast looking forward to making videos everyday... lol I'm getting loads and loads of inspiration on where and what I should make my videos on. Everything so far is just super deliciously wonderfulI !!! My husband and I get our moments of blah... well, not really him, but more me. Seems as though he's really superseded me spiritually, he just seems to be on a whole different level (higher level of being). This morning when I was dropping him off, and we were just sitting and waiting for his colleague to pick him... he turned to me and said, "do you notice the trees? look at how they are just being"... I was so blown away by his observation and how deeply he was in the moment. (he's really transformed) When he made that statement, it really brought me a sense of awareness of how mistaken I've been about him. (too long to go back and describe the details of our falling) Looking back now in Kindsight, where I thought that he had abandoned me or didn't care for me, I realized that all along he's done his part to show me my own strength and to build my spiritual muscle. (which mind you, is still a huge work in progress) I have such reverence for this man that I was gifted with 17 years ago. I'm not going to beat myself up by thinking why didn't I see it then, but I am cherishing every disappointment, every setback, every hurtful thing that was exchanged between the two of us, YES, even hurtful, because we truly have come sooo far on this journey and proud to state: WE HAVE FOUND OUR WAY BACK TO EACH OTHER but with a different mind and different eyes, ears and a definitely different manner of speech! I am ever so grateful to my husband for who he is, he's really stepped up and deepened his connection to THE HIGHER POWER! I believe this a true example of how if just ONE person becomes awakened, it can shift his/her environment to such a more powerful state, thereby affecting everything and everyone that crosses their path.

Is there a person or situation that you've given up on, but underneath you feel as though you truly feel something good about them or it? Stick with that feeling, for when you see things from your higher truth and you feel goodness, then it's just a matter of time, before they step into how you truly feel them and not see them as they are in the NOW! *** you really need to do some deep inner work to discern that the feelings are of truth or illusion ***  Everybody has good in them, but i'm talking about like the situation i had with my husband, I could never leave him and he could never leave me even when we had every reason to... we just never could, because there was this underlying feeling for the both of us that just knew it wasn't something we could just walk away and throw away...

Well that's it for me! (in the written word) I will be making my video later today !!!

I send you all so much love, and wish for you to live in your truth at all times.

Thank you for reading :)

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