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HELLO FRIENDS!!!!!!! sooo.....i have been fine tuning my goals and vision since i started this whole thing back in season 1 , in one way its easier cuz i know i can do it i have manifested so much! but on another side it feels harder because i feel like the stakes are up and i no longer have " nothing to lose" like before....but regardless of that, I have am having so much fun once i get the hang of it and just let it happen...( sometimes i work much harder than needed..but i am learning to let alot of that needles work and worry just  slows me down!!) so after boiling down my ideas, i finally made a NEW vision board,  i really wish i could take a pic to show you...i am trying to make a point of having it really feel good and "do-able", for me, and before tonight it just didn't fit...i didn't feel inspired or moved at all by my vision board....SOOO....some of the things i changed  1) I cut my face out of my college graduation picture where i look very proud of myself and accomplished, and i taped it on a body on my vision board, and have my items that I am manifesting around that, as I am drawing them in to orbit around me 2) I wrote my mantras in different colors to make them pop. 3) i glued the whole thing above my head over my bed so i see it as i lay down!  I feel so much more aligned with my manifestations now!!! seeing my face on the body, especially the face i have in the picture because of where the photo came from ( graduation) i really get the feeling I can  and I am well on my way to achieving these in the flesh.


ALSO....i am writing down in index cards some thoughts i want to continue to cultivate and think about in my daily life...i think I will take them in the car with me to work and when i have a down moment...or if my mind is waiting precious thought power on something i do not wish to experience, i will pull out my index cards...oh what is this...list the things i appreciate about my self...dont mind if i do..... :)  you get the i think for me things always need a little tweaking to make them feel right. I also busted out my new 2012 calendar and numbered all the i know that my day 100 is on March 15. this reminds me...each day is precious. and each moment has attracting i gotta direct it..or it will direct me. I am ready for an awesome week of I have so many wonderful experiences ahead of me, and so much to be thankful for. When i feel a feeling come up that i do not like, i realize....i am growing and healing, and growing pains remind me that i am always in process, traveling new ground, healing new areas one thought at a time, joy gets deeper and deeper. Thank you guys rock I am so stoked to be back for my season 3!!! who hooo!!!

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Comment by Jill on December 17, 2011 at 4:56pm

I love hearing all this positive manifesting.....You are an inspiration. I cant wait to see the journey unfold Steff. Love J

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