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I might be procrastinating a little or I might just be a little tuckered out. Nevertheless, I gave myself the luxury of a day of rest today. I experienced so many changes with moving into a completely different living situation and with starting school after a zillion years away from that. And, then, there's winter to deal with, and that's a whole challenge by itself. I did more shopping to expand my food hoard on Saturday and organized it better on Sunday. 

Also on Sunday, I canned two pints of garlic dill pickle green beans in my itty bitty kitchen. That went better than I had anticipated. There's always a little bit of anxiety connected with adding a new practice here. I am much more alive in my home than many people are and everything I do has an important purpose. That's why it's a little bit tedious for me to move into a space. I need to be more organized about things because I do more in less space.

Finalizing how I am going to grow my indoor garden is next since my new landlord does not allow mounting things on walls. And, there are my crafting tools and supplies to organize and a number of personal sewing projects to work on. I am going to start with those just to get things in comfortable order and also because I feel like I need to give myself some attention right now. 

My shops are busy and I am going to go ahead and keep my Sparkle Season sales active until the end of the month (and, more likely than not, my own Christmas decorations will be up until then). The holiday season was terribly interrupted by my moving which didn't end until New Year's Day. I was also completely focused on getting back in school by January. I spent all of Christmas Day navigating Title IV (the federal codes about student loans). I need a little extra time to get my fill of holiday cheer this year.

It was nice to just rest today and be glad for all the progress I made in just a short time. By the end of this month, I'll have more order and organization in place. Everything will be better and it's already very good now. Everything is new again and I am glad to be free of repeating patterns from the past that kept me so stuck. It's fine for me to go slow and take the time to take actions that facilitate and reinforce my plans. 

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