The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 - Day 5 - Feb 7 - Loving times from today

Today was a pretty good day! Despite my stupid dumb manager who hates my guts!!!

Ok ok I know. Forgiveness. But how can I forgive someone who's bad to the core? Ok ok. I know she's not bad to the core.

I know the reason she is the way she is, is because she isn't happy with her life. She wishes she had a better life and wasn't stuck working everyday. I'm sure the job stresses her out and the only joy she can squeeze out of the day is to make fun of people, even if it means hurting their feelings. She's just trying to get by. Everyone is just trying to get by. And I know I just need to forgive her. The power to do that will come. It's just hard!

In other news I received a free coffee from a kind customer and a 2$ tip! Not bad not bad ;)

I am making the intention to see lots of friends over the next week. I'm in the mood for fun, social times.

Grateful for:

Kindness from strangers




A Day off!


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