The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 - Day 54 - Mar 28 - Back on the track

Whoa! It's been almost 20 days! What has happened in that time? Well I've been really busy with career stuff. I've also been sticking to my exercise routine and have gotten totally fit! I'm pretty proud of that. I just thought I'd review my goals from day 1:

Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of my play.

I feel like I've accomplished the "super toned and lean", and I technically have a job in the arts field, but I'm not getting paid for it...So two crossed off the list. Now to work on the rest!...I am making it my intention to receive invitations and to make new friends. That's what I'm wanting right now. 

Grateful for:

1. Sister

2. Projects

3. Beauty

4. Health

5. Fitness

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Comment by Julia on March 29, 2013 at 4:42am

that is so great that you have achieved 2 goals from your list. I wish all the best with the rest of your goals.

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