The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hey there people. So something insanely difficult has happened to me and I mean, I'm not stressed about it because I know it will turn out in the end. But it's just scary. I'm able to keep a calm state about it though because I've had lots of practice over the years. I'm watching my mom let this tragedy in our family really affect her and she is becoming a victim. She is feeling sorry for herself, like she is the one that is being hurt. It's just non-sensical to me to see that. I feel a bit strange because everyone else around me is worried, but I'm not. Because I KNOW that this will pass. I just KNOW it. You know? 

In other news, I made it my intention to get some invitations and I totally did! Two in one weekend. Although I couldn't attend the last one because of the thing that happened.

Grateful for:

1. My family

2. My family

3. My family

4. My dog

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