The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3, Day 6 (when will the violence stop?)

Greetings Beloveds,

I wasn't able to make a video on Friday as my laptop was giving a hard time, and then I couldn't find my flip cam... lol

Oh, well I guess it wasn't meant to be! The weekend was completely hectic, as we are in the middle of packing and moving to a different living place.  It's chaotic but a good chaotic!!! I had some sad news about a shooting that happened in my community yesterday in Wisconsin... it just makes the being sad, and there are so many theories that everyone is throwing around, but the bottom line is lives were lost, violence happened yet again. What can you and I do? well, we can pray not just for the victims but for those that comitted the act. There are so many people suffering and hurting, I know, I've been there done that and some if not most of those hurting there is no support :( after going through some rough patches in my own life, I had friends that were so sweet and my own family members turn their backs on me, but since I was on a spiritual path of discovering a deeper meaning for myself, i was able to pull myself out of it, not quickly but definitely slowly.


I feel like when something like this violent act happens it's always a sacrifice by both parties involved for the rest of humanity to get their act together. Will we choose to be more understanding? more loving and compassionate to one another? or will we continue to compete, retaliate with vengence against another, jealousy, hatred, envy or ignorance???


I'm not here to lecture, but I have a strong urge to share and put this out there for anyone that let's do our best everyday to make sure we make eye contact, say a simple sweet and kind word to another that may cross our path... it's really not that difficult, and even if we ourselves are having a bad day, then to use that energy to brighten up somebody else's day as it will make us feel better too !!!


Sending all of you love, light and healing for your highest good!


Thank you for taking the time to read

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