The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 - Day 74 - Let's hear it for the girl

I watched that dove ad campaign that's been circulating Facebook lately. And it really made me think. I now know that  the number one thing that keeps me down is that I don't think I'm pretty enough. And it's something that I catch myself thinking about ALL DAY. And after watching the dove video, I realized that I'm probably not alone in this! It's something ALL girls go through. And some girls have positive feedback from their parents early on that cushion the impact of the media, but others (like me) didn't get that. So the level of intensity will vary, but for the most part we are all affected by it. It also makes me wonder why there is such a huge concentration of female users on this site. And I don't mean to look at things in a negative way, but it's something worth considering. Us women have big dreams and big goals (especially the women who use this site! holla!) And men also have big dreams and big goals. But the difference is that women stop themselves from achieving that ultimate goal. Because we don't think we deserve to have that kind of power. Whereas men will have that dream and will have an easier path getting there. And I know there are exceptions, I'm just talking generally. It's funny because it's not in our natural instincts to be powerful, which is probably why there are so many of us on this website. We all want to learn how! 

If there is a magical pill to stop myself from thinking I am not beautiful. I would love that. But that doesn't exist and I need to teach myself new beliefs. I go through phases throughout the day, and sometimes I can even trick myself into thinking I'm good enough for a few hours. But the thoughts always creep in. I need to be on strict patrol. High security in my brain!

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Comment by Nesia on April 21, 2013 at 10:04pm
Keep affirming! It'll get easier and easier to believe. The kinks will eventually fade away. Good luck and enjoy your conveyor belt of well being :-)

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