The 100 Day Reality Challenge

hey everyone! hope you are well. I had a pretty good day. Kinda lazy. But good. I was just thinking about how I let a lot of opportunities pass me by because I am afraid. I judge things and then think about all the ways it could go wrong. So I just don't do it. When I am in the vortex though, I find I am able to take risks and act on my excitement. Not caring about how it will turn out, because I KNOW that it just will turn out ok. So an opportunity will come my way and then I will think of all the reasons why I shouldn't do it. Every once in a while my heart gets to decide. But most of the time it's my physical mind. Who doesn't know diddly! The only thing I should be "thinking" about is the present. That's all the physical mind is designed to do. Why do we feel the need to think about the future so much. We don;t know what's going to happen. We can only wish. 

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