The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3 starts tomorrow! Woo hoo!

My intentions for the Season and what I am working toward manifesting are:

I post something (whether it be a blog, a video, a photo, a link etc) on my Season 3 CCOR page every day

I add a minimum of 5 video blogs to my CCOR page during Season 3

I relocate to Sydney. I am intending to attract everything I need to make a smooth transition to Sydney from Melbourne. This will include:
I effortlessly moving out of my current apartment. I get all of my bond back and I easily finding someone to move in to my room
I clearly determine exactly what I want to see in my new job in Sydney and I am naturally guided to a job that has the essence of exactly what I want. It has the energy I want, I do the work I am passionate about, I work with a fun, positive, insprational team, it takes less than 30 minutes to get to from home, I earn at least 25% more than my current salary, I am active, hands on, working with people, loving what I do, feeling good, I am creative, in alignment, empowering others, managing a team of positive and enthusiastic staff, easily motivated, successful, confident, relaxed, brainstorming with others, communicating, teaching, leading, inpiring. I get to come up with ideas and see them turn into programs, products, designs, writings and teachings that I love.l It is a job that I settle in to and grow in to commit to for a while because it feels so good there.

I am effortlessly guided to the perfect living situation in Sydney. I move in to a spacious, bright, modern 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi or Bondi Junction with a fabulous housemate. My room is big and beautiful with spacious built in wardobes and a big window. My apartment is secure and safe with modern fittings, a clean bathroomm lots of kitchen space, a nice balcony and plenty of natural light. My apartment is in walking distance of well connected public transport and the beach. This apartment is available at the exact time I need it and the moving in process flows naturally and easily. My housemate is great. She is independent and gives my plenty of my own space, but also enjoys spending time with me, chatting and hanging out.

I attract a new relationship which has potential for long term commitment
. I meet a guy who blows me away. We have an instant physical attraction as well as a deep emotional and spiritual conenction. We have deep, stimulating conversation as well as lots of laughter and fun. He is suppotive of me and believes in me. He is smart, talented, successful, driven, grounded, spiritually aware, health focused, abundant, funny, sweet, unique, gentle, creative, generous. He encourages me to live to my potential and inpires me to be a bigger and better woman. He loves me and adores me and shows me that in so many different ways. He loves what it is unique and special about me and wants to know more about my thoughts on life. When I am with him I feel relaxed, happy, in love, aligned, at peace, warm hearted, joyous, excited, connected, trusting, and abundant.

I have at least 30 posts on my blogspot blog page by the end of the Season
My blog is I already have 10 posts on there. Feel free to check it out!

I am now meditating for 10 minutes twice a day every day

I spend new years eve in Sydney and have a fabulous time with my friends

I intend to connect with many new people in Sydney in the health, spirituality, self development and healing fields

I successfully pay the remaining money on my upcoming personal development course in March 2010

I design and sew 10 new items of clothing or accessories

I am now attending one regular yoga class a week without fail

I keep my credit card below $1000 debt at all times

Wow, so that is what I think so far! What do you think? I am sure theremay be a bit of adjusting along the way, but I am pretty clear on what I want to see at the end of the 100 days.

Love and Light to you all. Wishing you all the best for your Seasons, wherever you are!!!!


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Comment by the Phenomenal Lauren G on November 30, 2009 at 7:39am
This is very clear and you are awesome! I see that you will manifest all that you desire. You have inspired me to write a little blog post of my own about my new season. :) Awesome!

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