The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 3-Day 35. I had an amazing weekend and feel I've made leaps and strides towards my season 3 goals!

I've been thinking. I've been affirming that I am photogenic in a lot of my affirmations as of late in the 3 basics group. Really focusing on working on creating wonderful headshots and PR shots (which I manifested btw out of the blue with a photographer I've been wanting to work with for a loooong time). I have this weird thing happen to me when I take photos, where to the naked eye I look like I could take an awesome shot. However, when the shot happens it just doesn't look right. So hence my affirmations that I am photogenic. On the day of the shot the photographer said to me "lets just do a few test shots" and after 3 she said, "um screw the test shots, you are hittin the money shots right now"!! She was so encouraging and she said repeatedly that I am so photogenic (nobody has said this to me until I started my affirmations on being photogenic). Now I never explained to her my weird photo experiences. She was thrilled and excited and ended up taking over 250 photos of me. Even after we stopped I was sitting on the floor just chatting and she said omg HOLD THAT POSE and she took even more!

And these are my thoughts on this whole experience. 1-affirming I was photogenic really made me photogenic. 2-Makeup makes all the difference in the world when it comes to film. I had no idea how to work this so that I truly WAS photogenic. The makeup is crazy heavy, looks strange, but translates as being completely natural. I don't get how it works but it works. 3- I meditated prayed, visualized and in the end it all payed off. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the headshots and PR shots to come back, but word from her is that they are STUNNING (her words). OH and there is a 4- My clothing choices. She said I chose the most perfect clothes and in fact was able to go over my 3 clothing changes limit (3 is the standard amount of clothing changes during a shoot) because my colors were so complimentary. One of my outfits she said looked like a watercolor portrait.

You don't know what this all means to me. I'm a girl who has fought body issues. I knew the actress in me was always there. And I've acted throughout the year. However, it wasn't until 5 years ago that I said this is what I am going to do. I'm going to actualize this dream and here it is 5 years later, 3 major plays where I played the lead in 2. 2 television shows where I played the lead in one. And now a movie I am the lead and another lead that I know I will land. My headshots/PR shots are going to put me in the sights of Hollywood. People can say what they want. The odds, the struggles I will encounter, whatever... My sights are set and I'm on my road towards my dreams.

This place helps me enormously. It keeps me on track and helps me raise my vibration when those that don't have my best interest in mind attempt to bring me down or I even attempt to self sabotage myself! I will not be taken down. Like the phoenix I will always raise from the ashes. My face to the sun, my heart with the moon and my eyes reflecting the stars. I am a woman of power. I am a woman with a purpose and I am a woman achieving all that I dream. I wish only the same for all those on their own path to success for there is room for us all to shine. Shine on Friends. Shine so bright that sunglasses are a requirement, not an option!!!

Ps I promise I will post those headshot/PR photos asap!

Finally I wanted to speak about the movie I'm working on 2012. Today we scouted out locations. The reception we received from places in this area was amazing! We have a shoot scheduled for June 13 and 14 set. I co/wrote the trailer and am quite proud of that. It has helped me dip my toes further into script writing and I think the script that's been rattling around in my mind will soon make it onto Celtx and hopefully into the right production companies hands.

I have more updates on my season 3 goals, however, I think i'll save it for another day!

Remember, this stuff WORKS. I promise it works, I am proof it works, but you have to work it for it to work! So you work it girl/boy!!!

Love and Horror

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Comment by Amy on June 1, 2009 at 10:22am
Shine on Rachel! Like I said get your sunglasses because they will be a requirement and not an option;) Big hugs!

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