The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Season 4 - Day 039 - Today was a great day.

Have you ever been so happy, you just wanna shout out the top of your lungs, how happy you are?! So EVERYONE knows?!!!

Well thats me today! LOL :o)

The day didnt actually start out the way I wanted it too, and I think know why. I wasnt feeling too good, and I was focusing on it. So I believe thats why I felt like nothing was going right at the start. But during the midst of it, I kept telling myself "STOP! Your not helping by getting more irritated." And it did work, then I'd get impatient again, then snap out of it. LOL

But the main event, was a big deal. I felt better INSTANTLY. Exactly what I asked for. We laughed, talked and just genuinely was taking each other in. I enjoyed every second of it. And the last thing he said to me, let me know that everything is really going according to plan. *BIG SMILE*

I am super greatful for how the day panned out. On the way home, I was beaming like a cheshire cat!!! On a natural high! Loving everything. After seeing him, I got a call from a family memeber. They were complaining. And usually I'd get sucked into complaining aswell, but I was just listening, laughing & smiling. *sighs* I love it.

Seeing him always makes me more SUPER DUPER happy. *BIG SMILE AGAIN*

Universe, all I ask, MORE OF THIS PLEASE, bcoz today was a great day and can you make things continue to go according to plan. Thankyou for making everything pan out the way it did. I am super greatful.

I love when good things happen. I feel like a sense of release. This feels natural. I enjoy it. THANK YOU!!!

All the puzzles are coming together now...

*Bounces off doing my happy dance*

Forever greatful - Kay :o) xxx

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY:<b> All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me. I trust myself, all is well.</b>

OH & PS: Please Universe, let the right words flow through me for this letter. I know I can do it! :o) xxx

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