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01/01/10 - This afternoon I saw 1.11pm. I just really want to make a note of that. LOL - Because at the time I felt an extra level of alignement at that point. plus a big smiiiiileee :)

Today is the start of my Season 4 *Yaaaay*- Feels like its gonna be just as great as my last season! - Thats always a good thing!!! :) LOL. Start as I mean to go on & all thaaaaat. LOL

I've felt great all last night & today, I can just feel that I'm on the right path to greatness. Some friends and I went to a "party" that wasnt much of a party until we got there. (Being that we were the only people there, plus the people whose has it was LOL) And even though it was just us dancing enjoying ourselves. I just felt soooooooo good, and kept reveling in the moment. Thinking "things can only get better from this point" & how great I was filling IN THAT MOMENT, put how much I have grown. I even drank some alochol yesterday. LOL, I'm not really a drinker. But I'm pretty sure it added to my high. LOL - Never the less, I'm feeling great, and thats what I want to continue on with through out this year & my life. :)

When the clock struck midnight (we went out after midnight) I had my glass of juice LOL and I spoke/decleared to the Universe/God/High being what it is I want this year & beyond, at the time of my "speech" LOL I could FEELwhat I was saying & I KNOW what I put out there WILL come to me. I could feel my alignment of happiness. Was soooo great!!! :)

I feel great about my life.
I feel greatful for so much.
I'm looking forward to this Season & this year.
I'm greatful for my fun/positive manifestations.
I just over all, all around feel great about my life, and I am finally happy with where I am at.
I'm appericating right NOW this moment.

I love everyday of this!!! :)

I love myself!!! :)

I wish everyone could learn/know all about this that I know/still learning!!! - Wooo, bring on the fun!!!

I wish everyone a prosperous, fun & manifestation filled 2010!!! :)


Kay xxx

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY: "I'm recieving more of what I desire each day. I'm attracting more thoughts that reflect my desires each day. Each day is bringing me closer to my goals. :o)"

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